The Premium Whiskey Brand Announces Its Big Gamble in Growing Trade War




LONDON, ENGLAND (July 4, 2018) ­– London-based Uncle Nearest LTD. has announced its Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey from Tennessee will not pass the newly announced tariffs on to their European customers.  “Our whiskey hails from the majestic state of Tennessee but the United Kingdom is our second home. We refuse to allow those who have welcomed Uncle Nearest into their homes, hotels, shops, bars and restaurants to be adversely impacted by a trade war. We will absorb this cost so Uncle Nearest can, throughout Europe, remain a tariff-free whiskey.,” said Fawn Weaver, co-founder and chief historian for the company. “To celebrate this decision, we asked several of our friends who serve Uncle Nearest at their bars to create their very own Tariff-Free Cocktail and everyone we reached out to gave us a giant, ‘Hell yes!’”

London Cocktail Club has already announced plans to launch this, in conjunction with their flavor of the month campaign, in all nine of their locations on July 1st when the tariffs are set to go into effect. AB Taverns has announced all 12 of their locations will also serve an Uncle Nearest Tariff-Free cocktail. In making this announcement, the company realizes it is placing a significant bet that the trade war will not last as long as many are predicting. “It’s a gamble, there’s no doubt about that,” says the company’s CFO, Mike Senzaki. “We are making a bold bet that President Trump will find a compromise in which farmers and manufacturers who employ thousands of hard-working Americans, like distilleries in Tennessee and Kentucky, will not be harmed.”

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey, the first spirit brand in history to be named after an African-American, launched in London earlier this year to rave reviews. The brand, seemingly 160-years in the making, revived the little-known story of the first known African-American master distiller. Next month, they will release their first single barrel─a 12-year old offering in conjunction with the British Bourbon Society: Nathan Green 1870. Originally sourced from Tennessee, before the Uncle Nearest team puts it through its own finishing process, every drop is made using the same traditions Green helped perfect. The Lincoln County Process is approached intricately by hand, placing the product in new American oak barrels close to the same 110-proof Green was known for and waiting until it is at the perfect age, taste and color. The resulting whiskey is as unique as the story from which it came.

Uncle Nearest Premium Aged presents a caramel color with a deep golden hue (no color added). On the nose, baled hay, pumpkin seeds, stone fruit, caramel corn and sweet maple are present. On the palate, the whiskey shows spicy caramel notes up front, and then hints of maple as it mellows with dried fruit and floral notes. Sweetness and spice reminiscent of freshly baked oatmeal cookies remain through a long and rich finish.

Uncle Nearest Tennessee Silver is the first whiskey of its kind. Its recipe, held secure in a bank vault at Farmer’s Bank in Lynchburg, Tenn., is based on a Tennessee recipe that hasn’t been used since 1912. It is unique in its use of corn malt, is double-distilled and the only triple charcoal mellowed whiskey in the world. The Tennessee Silver is currently being made in concert with two Tennessee distilleries and will continue as such until the Nearest Green Distillery in Shelbyville, Tenn. is complete. London was selected as one of only three markets to test the award-winning Tennessee Silver in advance of its nationwide launch this summer.

The whiskey brand has captivated the hearts and minds of conscientious whiskey consumers around the world. “For eight and a half years, I have proudly worked for Four Roses and not one brand has so much as turned my head,” said Dan Priseman, well-known bar owner and whiskey ambassador who this week snagged the top ambassador role for Uncle Nearest LTD. “That is until now. From the moment I met the company’s founders, and heard their passion in sharing the story, I knew if the whiskey was good I’d have to be a part of sharing this brand throughout Europe. I’m now a part of the UN team, which means the whiskey is not just good…it’s superb.”


Fred Minnick, one of the top whiskey writers in the country, has called it

Probably the best story behind a whiskey. Ever.


Although new to the market, it has already won 10 medals, including a GOLD Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, a GOLD Medal at the New York World Wine and Spirits Competition, and two GOLD Medals at the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition. In its recent issue, Cigar & Spirits Magazine named Uncle Nearest Premium Aged one of the Top 5 Whiskies in the World.


“This whiskey is meant to bring to the forefront the man who so few outside of Lynchburg, Tenn., knew was one of the most important master distillers in the creation of what is now known as Tennessee Whiskey,” said Sherrie Moore, director of whiskey operations for Uncle Nearest and 31-year veteran in the Tennessee Whiskey industry. “Having spent so much time with Green’s descendants, our founders knew their desire was to honor him with a premium whiskey made as close to his way as possible and to bring it to every bar and spirit shop around the world, so everyone would finally know his name.”





Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey is inspired by the best whiskey-maker the world never knew, the first African-American master distiller on record in the United States, Nathan “Nearest” Green. The Uncle Nearest brand, wholly owned by Uncle Nearest, Inc., encompasses a Premium Aged and Tennessee Silver product, distilled, aged, bottled and hand-labeled in Tennessee using locally sourced grains. Uncle Nearest is an award-winning spirit, garnering a Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, New York World Wine and Spirits Competition, two Gold Medals at the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition, as well six additional medals. Cigar & Spirits Magazine also named it one of the Top 5 Whiskies in the World. For more information please visit the Uncle Nearest website, and follow on Instagram and Facebook.



The Nearest Green Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and honoring the first African-American master distiller on record in the United States. Nathan “Nearest” Green’s triumph over his original circumstances was remarkable, and his journey from slavery to one of the wealthiest and best-known African-Americans in the area was as much about his spirit of forgiveness and grace as it was about his legacy of excellence. It is that legacy the Nearest Green Foundation works with his descendants to uphold and share with the world. Somehow, Nearest Green’s legacy was once forgotten. Now, we look at it as our responsibility to make sure that never happens again. Currently, nine of Nearest Green’s descendants have full scholarships for their undergraduate and graduate studies from NGF at universities across the country, from the University of Tennessee to Texas A&M to Auburn University. Funding is provided by sales of Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey. For more information, visit www.nearestgreen.org.



Nathan “Nearest” Green, known by those in his hometown of Lynchburg, Tenn., as Uncle Nearest, was the first African-American master distiller on record in the United States. He was also the first head stiller, now commonly referred to as master distiller, for Jack Daniel Distillery. He is now recognized by the distillery as having taught a young Jack Daniel how to make Tennessee Whiskey. Green is also thought to have helped perfect the Lincoln County Process, a special charcoal filtering method required to be considered Tennessee Whiskey, named after the county in which he lived and made whiskey.

The family of Uncle Nearest remind you to drink responsibly.

UNCLE NEAREST, THE BEST WHISKEY MAKER THE WORLD NEVER KNEW, NEAREST GREEN and NATHAN GREEN are trademarks of Uncle Nearest Whiskey. © Uncle Nearest Whiskey | Alcohol 50% Volume (100 proof) / Alcohol 40% Volume (90 proof).


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