on the inside: Inside “the eye of the storm” in the wine industry Part 1

Another great article from The Grape Wizard

In every job I’ve ever been employed in I’ve always had something lacking. Some lack of passion or even some lack of enthusiasm. Since embarking on this journey to find out what I want in a job I have experienced some great things. Some were exciting; some didn’t interest me whilst others I felt nervous about doing things for the first time.  Having been in the industry for the last 6 years I am now at a stage where I am looking for a new challenge. (For reasons that are obvious my employer shall remain anonymous!!!) But in all that time it has never been dull. I’ve met all sorts of people that I work from those with no interest in wine whatsoever, some with more knowledge than they think they know and the ones that are quietly confident (these are the ones I like). They can reassure me when I can’t remember the weather of one particular summer in Bordeaux, etc.  None of it stuffy just walking encyclopaedias. Sometimes stressful and sometimes very rewarding.

It’s about what you want to get out of life.

Don’t worry I’m not going to coach you. Or mention spirituality. The industry can be infuriating, stuffy and downright incompetent – but look closer and you find great things. A lot of fabulous products to learn about stuff that can set you on the journey of enriching your life. A little knowledge can go a long way and when you enjoy one of your favourite bottles you can appreciate what your drinking knowing love and passion has gone into that 75cl Bottle!!

So in every holiday I go on I try to do just that. Last week I visited my uncle in Denver Colorado and with a little research I find this is the birthplace of Blue Moon Brewing Co. and at least 300 trendy breweries and a host of uber cool distilleries making whiskey gin and vodka.  Fabulous vista’s and a great outdoors attitude to daily life. This is a great place. 1 Brewery and 3 distilleries down and I love this place.

Even a visit to a Nobu restaurant in Denver surprises me. So does Screaming Eagle at $4250 a bottle.

So someone who is working in the wine industry can immerse himself in an experience, chat to the sommelier and have a kinship in a moment – all down to the love of wine!

It’s all about “taking the bull by the horns ” it also gives me 3 new articles to write about!

So next time you’re on holiday look for that something else! Like the smell of sweet corn in the mash at one Whiskey distillery and seeing 135% proof spirit. (Strangely no overpowering smell of alcohol?)

So if you’re in this industry that producers supply to you, I would certainly advocate using the hospitality of them. After all they want you to promote their brand. Speak to them, engage and get something out of your position (However high/low!)

You also end up with a contact and get to try their great products   This holiday is in the last week of November is the “calm before the chaos “ when a 5th of my works revenue is taken in 16 days in Dec.

My next blog will highlight what goes on and what obstacles I face in the run up to Xmas. My job involves help running a £3.3 million retail shop. Organise 8 staff, process orders in store online and keep over 200 commercial accounts happy. This is where a lot can hit the fan if not organised correctly. So preparation is everything.  Be ready and the rest is easy


Best, GW


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