The Legend of Crystal Head Vodka

This ultra-pure Vodka is a result of quadruple distillation and filtration through Herkimer Diamonds. Created by the legendary Dan Aykroyd and artist John Alexander, this Vodka is not only extraordinary but also steeped in legend and mystery.

The Legend

Thirteen crystal skulls have been found in parts of Mexico, Central America and South America creating an archaeological mystery. These skulls were allegedly found near the ruins of Mayan and Aztec civilisations. Some are believed to be as old as 36,000 years.

Some eccentric theories believe that they were created by extra-terrestrials or beings in Atlantis or Lemuria. Another theory suggests that they came from a society that lived in the centre of the earth.

Secret Mayan codes are supposedly enclosed inside the Skulls. The researcher Joshua Shapiro believes he cracked the code stating ‘the crystal skulls hold key information that will bring to our world a time of perfect peace and harmony by the year 2013’… better luck next time, Joshua.

Skeptics believe that the skulls are of much more recent origin. A BBC documentary “Everyman” explored the mystery, after examining two of the skulls it reached a conclusion that with the straight perfectly spaced markings the skulls must have been created in the last century. However it is impossible to say how old the crystal heads actually are considering carbon dating only works on organic substances.

Whatever the case may be without this legend this beautiful Vodka wouldn’t have been created and up for grabs this week.

The Vodka itself…

The process of creating the Vodka itself is meant to allow for the purest and cleanest taste. The highest quality of grain is used and the resulting Vodka is then quadruple-distilled and filtered seven times, three of which are through 500 million year old crystals known as Herkimer diamonds.

The end product is completely additive free, creating naturally pure tasting Vodka which is one of the cleanest out there with little to no burn.

The beautiful skull was designed by the co-founder artist John Alexander, who has exhibited throughout the United States. Housing their Vodka in this spectacular skull is the prefect finish to a truly great tasting and tale-some Vodka.

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