The How To of Wine Packaging Design

What happens when you enter the wine section in a supermarket? As a wine enthusiast, you probably feel like at home. Labels are understandable, clear and attractive. Little details in the design of the bottle and the label are easily differentiable. Perhaps that influences your decision of the purchase, perhaps you pay more attention to the quality of the drink itself.


However, for the majority of customers in the wine aisle, the bottles look somewhat… the same. If not the same, at least very similar. The dilemma often faced is: “Which wine did I buy the last time? I liked it so much… but I can’t remember anymore how the bottle looked like. I know it was a Merlot, there was an illustration of the winery house on the label and in general, the look was classy and traditional. Right now, I see five bottles fitting the description.”


How to make sure your customers don’t face the same memory trap? With a great, differentiable wine packaging design. But, at the same time, how to keep your brand values and not lose the identity you worked on for so long? The job of getting your packaging right isn’t easy and can’t be simply solved by hiring any (even professional) designer.


This is why we created the How To of Wine Packaging Design. A guide that will take any wine producer step by step through the process of designing. It doesn’t teach you how to use Photoshop or Illustrator to make it yourself but discusses the necessary preparation stages and all the designer types available out there so that the best option is rightly tailored to your brand’s needs.


Have you and your brand already thought what are your design needs? What quality do you require? What is the budget you are willing to spend on a packaging? How about the goals your brand should accomplish with its label? These questions seem relatively obvious but are you sure you have ready answers for them in case the designer asks you? How about your team? Is everyone on the same page?


Once your brand’s goals are outlined, you will need to write a creative brief. What is that though? A brief is simply a document used by a designer, and any sort of creative person, as a reference and base to deliver the final (packaging) design. What exactly should be included in it? First of all, begin with your brand’s story. How did you start? Most importantly, why did you start your brand? What drives your company? What are the values and culture?



Additionally, your designer will need information such as your target audience and competitors. Remember, the designer’s job is to not only make your bottle look pretty but also make it speak to the right customer in the right way. Moreover, he or she needs to get to know your competition. Most probably, you would like your wine to be differentiable on the supermarket shelf but, at the same time, you don’t want to make it stand out to an extent that your customers won’t be able to perceive it in the correct category.


Once all the information is prepared, where should you go or who should you hire to complete your design? There are three main options: freelance designers, design contest-based platforms and design agencies. Each has plenty of advantages and disadvantages. There is no right or wrong answer as your choice must be based on your brand’s needs. The guide discusses each option so don’t worry about making extra research.


Last but not least, the guide discusses a few additional aspects such as trademark, wine brand identity design and marketing. Most probably, as a brand, you have already considered all of the above. However, since your packaging design has to align with your goals, brand identity and all activities, it is worth reminding yourself about them to see a complete, full picture.

Click here to download The How To of Wine Packaging Design guide!



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