The Drop – Top things to consider when applying for jobs (Part 2 of 2)

How many applications with one company?

This is quite possibly one of the worst things a candidate can do. An employer or recruiter inbox is suddenly filled with applica

tions for several materially different jobs, at multiple levels and in different disciplines… from the same candidate!

This is never a good look and sadly is deemed either desperate or severely lacking in forethought on the candidate’s part – it will never increase your chances of getting an interview or credibility.

Is your application covered?

Some people may tell you the covering letter is dead, but in an age of more direct to employer applications than ever before, it most certainly is not. Recruiters may argue they have less need for a covering letter, because they will interview you, although it can never hurt. When the application is direct to employer it gives you the opportunity to include information which is not on the CV, explain your current circumstance and most of all; an opportunity to succinctly sell your credentials.

Where to apply?

It is not uncommon to see the same job posted across several different job boards, recruiter sites, social networks and of course employer websites. Applying to any of these is fine but only apply to a maximum of two options, not all of them.

A branded job advert on a job board or direct via a company website are typically the most reliable avenues and recruiter ads can soon be clarified with a quick call to the recruiter. However multiple applicants from different sources for the same job can appear overzealous and in the case of applying to two different recruiters, potentially problematic.

In a rush?

It can be tempting to see a job advert on the fly and instantly apply. Maybe it has the job title you are looking for, a company you’d love to work for or will cut your daily commute in half.

However, always read the advert thoroughly. At a glance job titles can be misleading; the title General Manager can be both a person who manages a retail outlet or an entire country team. Another common misconception is that marketing roles are similar but is it customer, consumer, commercial, category, insight, brand marketing? The net result of a rushed application is often the candidate is left unhappy at not receiving a reply and the client dismissed the application because it was irrelevant.

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