The Drinks Trust – COVID-19 Relief Fund

The Drinks Trust – COVID-19 Relief Fund

On Monday April 6th, The Drinks Trust will open applications for financial support to individuals who have been significantly affected as a result of COVID-19. The Trust will look to support up to 2000 people.

Many of us in the drinks industry may be able to carry on in our existing roles through access to the government funded salary grant, but many others will be left in severe financial difficulties.

The Drinks Trust COVID-19 Relief Fund is intended to help two groups of individuals who are uniquely impacted, they are:

  1. Those who have been made redundant and subsequently not been reinstated, and so unable to benefit from the salary grant scheme
  2. Those on zero-hours contracts who were on lesser incomes or limited hours, and as a result will have limited income relief

Additionally, these individuals will have worked in one of the following establishment types;

  1. On-trade; bars, pubs and those who worked with drinks in restaurants and hotels, such as sommeliers and beverage managers
  2. Off-trade; those who worked in alcohol retailing businesses
  3. Distribution; those who worked in businesses supplying the above

Qualifying individuals will be able to access a one-off financial grant of £250, payable directly into their bank account. The Drinks Trust will apply its expertise in assessing needs and will prioritise individuals who have health conditions and also those caring for dependents.

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Wellbeing Services & Existing Beneficiaries

There has been a significant increase in individuals contacting the Trust regarding anxiety and depression concerns as well as sleep and insomnia issues. To tackle this demand, The Drinks Trust helpline is being increased in capacity and access to talking therapies will be extended.

Additionally, The Drinks Trust will continue to support over 350 vulnerable beneficiaries and pay in excess of £30,000 a month in ongoing grants. A significant proportion of these people are retired drinks industry staff and amongst the most at-risk groups with regards to COVID-19.