What You Need to Know About Molecular Mixology and Coffee

Have you ever seen a drink at a restaurant that was visually stunning?  Many drinks can be created using layers of different ingredients, giving it not only an impressive appearance but an equally impressive taste.  Many of these drinks are crafted using what is called molecular mixology.


There is no limit to what you can create with molecular mixology.  You can have beverages that bubble, have amazing layers, have solid forms on top of the drink, and many other options. Molecular mixology uses special equipment and ingredients to create a drink you’ll be sure to take photos of to share on social media.


Interesting Equipment


To create the perfect coffee creation, there are some specialty items you will need.  There are many mixology kits for sale on the internet, and some pieces are needed to create layered drinks or to help solidify the beverage. Items like dehydrators, vacuum chambers, ISI whips, rotary evaporators, pipettes, measuring spoons, and food additives can all be used in molecular mixology for both alcoholic and coffee drinks.


Some kits do come with food additives to help the coffee change shape and form.  Additives such as gelatin, soy lecithin, calcium lactate, and xanthan gum can help you achieve a good mixology creation.





Types of Drinks


While molecular mixology is usually used for alcoholic beverages, it has broken ground into the coffee realm. Coffee is a versatile beverage that can be enjoyed in many different volumes and ways. Sugar, creamers, flavorings, thickeners, and many other elements can be added to turn your daily beverage into a form of art, and a tasty one at that.


Some coffee connoisseurs have transformed coffee beverages into a solid form that you can eat with a spoon. Special additives such as foam or xanthan gum help solidify the drink. You still get the taste and the caffeine, but in a delivery, you may not have ever expected.




Spherification is a popular molecular mixology element used to take a beverage in its liquid form and transform it into a solid, and into a “sphere” shape. This is popular with coffee beverages. They can be solidified and turned into “coffee caviar” which are small, round modules of coffee that have an excellent flavor.


It is made using sodium alginate and calcium chloride to create the caviar-like effect, but with delicious coffee.

Coffee can also be created into edible cubes, larger spheres, layered beverages, infused coffee drinks, and several other interesting and delightful concoctions.


Coffee Delights


Many of the molecular mixology coffee creations do have additives to help them transform. Milk foam, thickening agents, coffee roasting, and many others are used to create specific smells, appearance, and taste. There are so many types of roasts to choose from when it comes to coffee.


You can experiment to see which roasts you like, but know that the different types of roasts will produce different tastes and levels of bitterness. If your beverage has been created using molecular mixology, know that it still packs a dose of caffeine. It is recommended that you enjoy your coffee in moderation, and make sure you exercise and get enough sleep to help counter-balance the effects.


Molecular mixology offers the creator a chance of endless creativity.  Coffee is a drink that much of the world’s population enjoys in some fashion or another, and molecular mixology is another way to showcase this favorite drink.


There are specialtiy restaurants that offer fantastic items from coffee, with bursts of surprising flavors and textures. Try your own creation at home using the mixology equipment and the perfect roast of coffee, and prepare to be amazed at what this versatile drink can become.



Bio: Sarah Jones created We Dream of Coffee for the purpose of spreading the word about her passion for coffee. She hopes more people will enjoy the taste and flavors of her favourite drink, responsibly.

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