New Year, New Career, Get your baubles in a row

The New Year is typically one of the busiest periods for the drinks market, the same is also true for recruitment in the drinks industry. The festive season often coincides with the pay out of annual bonuses, increased exposure to other companies brand activity and strong themes of ‘A new year equals a new start’. While Santa may bring you most of the gifts you wish for he probably won’t be bring you a new career opportunity so it falls upon the candidate to pick up the reins themselves.

Searching and applying for new jobs can fast become a minefield;

  •  Finding the jobs
  •  Working out how each company recruits and who to contact
  •  What roles to apply for
  •  What information to include in your application
  •  What to do once you have applied


Having a defined, focused and credible approach to applying for new roles is imperative, I see far too much time wasted by candidates who effectively drop their CV into a black abyss and then wonder why progress is minimal.

Below are several factors to consider when looking and applying for roles which I hope will help you save time and energy in the job market.

Where are the jobs?

 In 2016 you will find drinks jobs in one or more of the following places;

  •  Direct from a recruiter
  • Employers own career website
  • Through your own network e.g. referrals
  • On a generalist job board e.g. Monster, Indeed…
  • On social media- LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • In specialist press or niche job board such as Liquid Careers, which is purely for the drinks indsutry

Looking at this list it is not surprising that it can feel like a herculean task to know where to even start, so turn the scenario on its head by devising your own target list.

Which businesses do you want to work for?

Focus on companies which reflect your skills and experience and avoid building a wish list based on simply which, brands you want to work with. Furthermore be very clear about what roles you want to apply for, be realistic and be focused. Ending up with a list of 30 + targets is not ideal.

Once you have your list it is then time to find out how each company recruits i.e. are they on LinkedIn? Does your recruiter have an open door to those businesses? Does the company have a dedicated jobs section on their website, who can you network with to find out more?

These points are crucial, together with working with good recruitment partners, because the more you can find out about how a company recruits the better, before you apply.

If you see a job you like but have no direct reference points as above, send in your details but bear the following points in mind;

  • Always include a CV, it may seem strange but I occasionally receive applications with no CV!
  • Include salary/package details if asked for, not stating this information often puts candidates at a disadvantage.
  • Include a cover letter, the more concise & tailored to the role you are applying for the better
  • Avoid applying for materially different roles at different levels in the same business as this screams a lack of direction and credibility
  • Note the requirements of the job advert carefully before applying, simply applying on the basis you have the same job title as the advertised role does not hold water
  • Tailor your CV to the actual role you are applying for, if a role outlines a particular set of experience requirements then ensure this comes across in your CV
  • Avoid highly tenuous ‘over selling’ of your credentials or egotistical mantras within your covering letter and CV

So you have applied, now what? It can be tempting to chase up your application after a few days, but it is vital to understand that unless a technical issue has arisen, someone will have seen your details and either intends to get in touch or has more suitable profiles to approach first.

There is an old saying that ‘persistence overcomes resistance’ but this is not true for applying for jobs. Consider for every job there will be other applicants, sometimes hundreds and your time is arguably best spent exploring other opportunities rather than simply chasing the one you just applied for.

For the latest drinks industry jobs see Liquid Careers

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