I didn’t need to read the news this morning to know that the UK craft drinks industry is going through a boom. Not only have I often been accused of being on the payroll somewhere for my pushiness in getting others to join my passion for the gin & bitter lemon “revival” (tonic is so yesterday), but I find my Facebook feeds are full of posts about the latest gin trend or cool craft brand affiliation my friends now appear to have.

I’m sure they’ll all find some great trivia now though in that fact that Gin is now one of the basket items used to measure inflation. Who knew?

Back to the point though, as a recruiter, I’ve never had an issue in getting responses for candidates in Sales & Marketing careers for jobs in the drinks industry, but what makes this even more exciting in my opinion is combining that glamourous industry & all it’s obviously appeal, with some of the most entrepreneurial, inspiring & career broadening environments that the FMCG industry has to offer – the passion based, craft start up.

Don’t get me wrong, working for the big guys has some great career advantages, you couldn’t dissuade someone for taking that opportunity, but for millennials, (or anyone for that matter) I can’t stress enough the virtues of being involved with a smaller, growing business.

For the career you have a broad role, where ideas you come up with not only make a big impact, but you have the chance to run with them yourself, not handing them over to the department that “does that”, being closer to senior management you have the opportunity to really “feel” the success, & the hurt for that matter, understanding the business dynamics that made that happen, you’ll also get noticed far more for what you do, or don’t do.

PIE are working with lots of these businesses, in drinks or related. If this has struck a chord with you, why not call one of the FMCG team for a chat….or a drink!