Brewers Association of Japan (BCOJ)

Brewers Association of Japan (BCOJ)
Business Name: Brewers Association of Japan (BCOJ)

The American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC) and the European Brewery Convention (EBC) were established in the United States and Europe, respectively, for the purpose of standardizing beer analysis methods. The analysis methods adopted by these organizations are still recognized as authoritative throughout the beer industry. In the past, there was no corresponding organization in Japan. Since the early 1980’s, however, Japan’s beer specialists steadily improved their level of technical expertise. As a result, Japan gained international recognition for its high standard of beer brewing technology, and both the ASBC and the EBC expressed a keen interest in the establishment of formal ties with the Japanese organization specializing in the beer brewing.
The American and European interest in Japanese breweries was the impetus for the industry in this country to work together and standardize beer analysis methods. In 1982, as part of the general trend towards closer mutual communication, a specialist committee, named the “Board Meeting,” was established within the Brewers Association of Japan (BAJ). This marked the beginning of a progression towards the standardization of beer analysis methods and led to the 1990 publication of the “Methods of Analysis of BAJ.” Following this, the Board Meeting strengthened its international activities, beginning with the reorganization of the BCOJ in 1992, and continued to maintain active business relationships with international brewing organizations.


To standardize analytical methods for the evaluation of materials and products adopted in beer brewing and other related industries.
To facilitate scientific and technological research through mutual communication among beer brewing industry specialists.
To work in collaboration with other foreign and domestic organizations having the same objectives.

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