Don’t miss the deadline for the People’s Choice Wine Awards 2020

The deadline for the People’s Choice Wine Awards 2020, approaches on 30th September and the link to submit wines and view the categories is here:

The entry fee is £60.

Like a breath of fresh air, the PCWA has a whole new approach to how wine awards are run and what the medals mean to the average wine consumer.  Founded by Janet Harrison and joined by wine marketeer and ‘safe pair of hands’, Judy Kendrick, the pair are really a force to be reckoned with.

The PCWA wine categories are unique and focus on what an average wine drinker has in mind to buy, whether that is in a supermarket, independent wine merchant, restaurant wine list or when browsing online.

Tony Husband

Also, they are great fun and accompanied by a fantastic limited-edition cartoon, skilfully created by award-winning Private Eye cartoonist, Tony Husband.  Fun isn’t a word usually associated with awards, or indeed the wine industry, but with the PCWA crew, it is very much in their DNA.

They’ve also just announced their round 1 judging panel.  In another ‘twist’ to the usual format, enthusiastic wine consumers are carefully selected from a competition process, to shortlist the wines in the first round.  They are joined by industry professionals and a judging ‘chair’ to help guide them through the process.  Over 250 people applied this year, from all around the world – quite literally. They aren’t anti-expert by any means, with an impressive round 2 professional panel which really screams PCWA. They include The Wine Show’s Amelia Singer, BBC’s Food and Drink’s Kate Goodman, Nik Darlington (of Red Squirrel and now Graft fame).  Modern thinking and relevant is the order of the day.  The full list can be found here:

During their relatively short time in existence, the PCWA have formed some impressive partnerships, including WSET (who recently ran two exclusive competitions for places on both the round 1 and round 2 judging panel) and The Wine Gang.  All the winning wines from each competition will be showcased at their consumers events in London and Leeds – so everyone can taste the medal-winners and share their views on social media.

“Involving the consumer is at the heart of everything we do” says Harrison.  “We have a rapidly growing database of consumers who have voted online, applied to be judges and are now able to sample the winning wines too.  They are super-keen supporters who are with us every step of the way and they love it!” she adds.

Liquid Careers is also a partner of the PCWA. Having a relationship with buyers, producers and suppliers within the drinks trade and connecting these with amazing talent from around the UK, seemed a great fit with the ethos and people involved in the awards process.

Whether they fully intended it or not, making the world of wine less stuffy and more approachable, promotes a desire to learn more – many people making the transition from keen amateur, through education and WSET,  into the wine industry itself.

To find out what the People’s Choice Wine Awards can offer to your wine brand, see the full list of benefits here:

It certainly seems amazing value for the mere £60 submission fee and, if the surge of good will on social media is anything to go by, they are really hitting the right notes when it comes to communicating with those who matter the most – your customers.

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