Careers in Wine – Have you exhausted all your options?


Guest article by John Stuart who works on behalf of (Hard to Find Wines) in outreach and content creation. He creates engaging content that help businesses connect with their audience and stand out from the crowd.

Finding your dream job is a daunting task. Firstly there’s the problem of availability. Then the questions start:

  • Do you want to do this for the rest of your life?
  • Will it sustain the lifestyle you want?
  • What geographical area must you live in?
  • Will the job you have now benefit future career goals?


Here’s what I learnt: Take it one step at a time. The things you worry about the most will probably never become a problem.


Here’s what’s important.


What to Study

Yes studying is important. The wine industry is based on people’s expertise and developed palates. You need to be on par with these people.


There are many courses—full time and part time—that can help you prepare for a career in wine:

  • Viticulture: The study of vines
  • Oenology: The study of wines
  • Business studies: This covers many aspects that are important in the wine industry


Where does your interest lie?



What’s Your Goal?

I’m often surprized at the many—and unique—positions available in the world.


The wine industry is no different. Did you consider every area?


That’s what your career should be about. Discover what you really love before you settle on it for the long term.


Being a wine maker is not the only position that may satisfy you. Keep an open mind until your experience helps you create a goal.


Plunge into one of these unique careers to start the process.


  1. Wine Tasting Supervisor

Yes. What other people do during their vacations can pay your salary.


As a wine tasting supervisor you guide people through the tasting sessions. This calls for exceptional communication skills. You’ll also have to understand inventory processes and the history of the wine you present.


As a representative of a brand or farm your conduct can generate—or destroy—potential income.


  1. Do You Love Marketing?

No industry can survive without it. Marketing is essential to:

  • Grow a client base
  • Introduce non drinkers to wine
  • Promote a brand and improve its reputation


If you’re like me you love many different things. If you like sales as much as wine then market what you love.


Marketers know their fields. It’s the perfect position to stay on top of news in the wine business. When you want to change careers you’ll know where to go.


  1. Want to see the World?

I know people who make a living from simply visiting wine farms. Some people have all the luck.


That can be you.


Wine farms are situated the world over. You won’t have a shortage of options to visit. Pick the country you want to visit and find the agricultural areas.


Grapes have the most flavor when grown on hilly terrain. You’re in for some beautiful sights.


You can start a blog (see below) or represent wine merchants. Here’s another way where two passions can combine to form a career.



  1. Hospitality

If you love people you should consider the hospitality scene.


Restaurants, hotels and bars need employees who are knowledgeable about wine. Patrons ask questions. If you offer the right answers you become valuable to the establishment.


Your knowledge can help a eatery acquire the right bottles for the restaurant’s cellar. This is a far more important position than a simple waiter. Your salary will be proof of your worth.


  1. Tour Guide

This term can refer to guides on a stuffy bus. But that’s not what I’m referring to. As an educational tour guide your love for wine, history and people meet.


Educational tour guides play an important role in the wine industry.


If wine merchants want to sell more wine they have to educate potential clients. Tourists may visit areas for the history or beautiful scenery. If you give an excellent tour—with information about the wines of the area—they will leave with some wine farm merchandise.


  1. Help Others Keep Order

Do you hate your office job?


Perhaps you’re simply in the wrong environment.


Some wine expertise can make you invaluable in a wine farm office. Be surrounded by the beverage you love while you help others keep order.


Your career should give you a sense of purpose. If you already love wine why not pursue an office job in that sphere? Help the wine industry flourish. That’s a worthy purpose.


  1. Online Options

The internet transformed many aspects of business.


It also created more career opportunities. You don’t have to find a career in wine limited to a certain geographical area. You can use wine as an income while you travel or work from home:

  • Start an eCommerce site that sells wine.
  • Start a blog to tell about your love and experiences with wine. If people love your blog you can charge for advertisements or blog placements.


Yes. People make money doing this. You can too.


Which department sparked your interest? Do you see how diverse your options are? You probably know you love wine. What other activities do you love? You don’t have to sacrifice either of them. Combine them and develop a career that suits all your preferences.

John Stuart


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