Attracting talent – showcase your drinks brands!

The many times we have had to explain to professionals the drinks brands behind the drinks companies is countless. There is a common misconception that companies named by a particular brand e.g. Bacardi, only have that brand or a very limited portfolio. Yet this cannot be further from the truth. Importantly, by a country mile, the brand portfolio is one of the biggest attractions for prospective employees and is therefore important for attracting talent.

One of our responsibilities as recruiters and marketeers for the drinks industry is to help break these perceptions, because they have a detrimental impact on talent attraction. Many times, if a candidate just sees the name of the company, without understanding the significant brands behind it, they will pass the opportunity by or at least make minimal effort to pursue it. This is most common at the junior level, but we still see this with more senior candidates.

Through day to day conversations, social media promotion through our career platform, Liquid Careers, and bi-monthly newsletter (now over 23k drinks professionals registered), we constantly help spread awareness of the brands behind the companies to a wide audience e.g. Featured Employers. For example,

we have encountered more than one prospective candidate who is under the illusion that Pernod Ricard is an Aniseed drinks based business, but it just so happens to be one of the largest wines and spirits businesses in the world.

Pernod Ricard has many iconic brands such as Absolut, Jameson’s, Beefeater Gin, Perrier Jouet, Jacobs Creek and Chivas Regal.

One candidate suggested that they would like to work for Grey Goose, but was somewhat perplexed when we suggested “then you want to work for Bacardi?” Bacardi’s brands include Bombay Sapphire, Martini, Dewar’s whisky, as well as Bacardi rum.

It’s not just wines and spirits companies either.

Carlsberg own and represent over 400 different beer, lager, cider and wine brands in Europe alone!

Whilst we will always need to spread awareness through our network, it is very important for drinks companies to invest time in promoting their brands to prospective employees. Adverts should refer to the key brands in the first few lines and include brand images where possible. Recruitment and advertising campaigns should focus on both the brand range and the corporate name. Brands should be embedded in the hiring process and literature. One of the most key areas to target are graduates who simply, due to lack of experience, are unaware of the giants behind the brands and visa versa.

We have provided many services beyond recruitment to help build employer brand awareness. If this is of interest then please do get in touch at

One final point is that, whilst brands are one of the strongest draws for candidates, there is a flip side to this. An earlier article on brand snobbery goes to explain this…