8 Tips to Market Your Bar on Instagram

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The power of social media in advertising has increased significantly over the last few years. Managing to maintain your business relevant in today’s consumerism climate means staying up-to-date with the latest marketing trends. People nowadays are using their social media accounts to discover new brands, places to dine, where to hang out with friends, and overall, to keep themselves informed on the most popular spots.

Instagram has become the second most-used social media platform, after Facebook, and more businesses have started to acknowledge the impact Insta-marketing can have in boosting business success and increasing exposure. If you’re ready to up your insta-game, and bring more attention online to your bar, being aware of some marketing tips here can make all the difference.

How can you use Instagram to its fullest potential as a way of advertising your establishment? Here are some tips bar-owners are using these days:

Share pictures or videos of your guests

Posting picture and videos of your guests will help you create the image you desire for your bar. When Instagram users are checking out your account, getting a glimpse of candid moments happening there will help them form a positive opinion of your establishment. This marketing approach makes a bargain that authentic feel and can drive users’ immediate interest.

Whether you’re hosting a happy hour event or you have a crowded night at the bar, hire a photographer and snap some photos of your guests. People searching online for a place to have a couple of drinks with friends will always want to see how popular the place, and what type of guests are visiting it, instead of seeing photographs of your special cocktails or interior décor.

Post your content at prime times

One important marketing tip to remember here, which will influence your Instagram exposure, is posting at prime times. Set a clear posting schedule and keep up with it. It’s important to share photos when your specific target audience is online. But how exactly can you figure out the ideal posting hours?

The first step is converting your profile into a business account. After you do that, you will be able to access app analytics and get accurate data on the highest traffic times for your profile. Experiment with different posting times, and see when you’ve managed to obtain the highest audience reach.

Keep captions short yet engaging

People want to see more than just a plain photo on their Instagram feed. For businesses, adding captions to each post becomes highly relevant. Whether it’s a funny description of one of your signature cocktails, or something nice about a group of guests who’ve visited the place, add a few words under each photograph. Regardless if you choose to rely on the best writing services you find and get some professional help for your written content requirements, or you create your captions yourself, make sure they are informative, engaging, but at the same time short. Keeping the captions under 140 characters will make it easier for you to share them on Twitter and other social media channels

Sponsored posts

Growing your audience is the only way you’ll be able to access the effects you desire with Instagram bar advertising. Building an appealing number of followers should happen organically, but you should consider using all techniques available to reach your goals in this department. Sponsored posts have become an appealing method for businesses to draw in more users and enlarge their audience. You can target Instagram ads to specific demographics. While your posts should never look like an ad (keep posts looking natural and interesting), a few sponsored posts will help you boost your following numbers.

Use the right hashtags  

Instagram is all about hashtags and you already know that. For increased exposure, using the right hashtag is critical. Have your own personalized tag, with the exact name of your bar (but make sure to check if it’s actually unique first) and combine it with other hashtags relevant in your area and for your business domain as well. Some local tourism and regional associations might end up re-gramming some of your posts, if you’ve added the right tags, not to mention many users are using hashtags to find just about anything on Instagram.

Do your research properly and find out which are the most popular options. A few examples would be: #nightlife, #wine, #cocktails etc. If you want to make safe choices here, you could also collaborate with Instagram marketing experts and writing specialists in the beginning. Read a few reviews of companies, and think about this possibility.

Re-gramming is important

Noticed one of your guests has taken a picture in your bar and tagged you? Don’t think twice and re-gram it. This will promote customer loyalty and might determine others to visit the bar in person and snap their own pictures there. Search for photos tagged at your location, choose the ones that would look good on your bar’s Insta feed, and also check the user’s number of followers as well. Then re-gram your chosen posts.  

Focus on visuals – picture editing and filters

Instagram is all about visuals. People immediately click the “follow” button if what they see on someone’s account is aesthetically inviting. This is why you need to perfect your video and photo editing practices and maintain a harmonious aesthetic across your entire feed. Using the same filter for all your photos, for example, is a great trick many Instagram users resort to.


Are you actually responding to comments and direct messages? Engagement stands at the base of any successful Instagram marketing plan. This is a social media platform, so people are here to talk. Make sure you are responsive, and at the same time, you actually encourage your audience to post comments, ask questions or give their feedback.

Instagram has quickly grown into the second most successful social media platform on a global scale. The prospects that come with promoting your local business using this channel are quite appealing. Keep in mind these few important tips, use them to your advantage, and your Instagram exposure might soon skyrocket, allowing your bar to become more popular offline as well.

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