7 Cocktails with whiskey that will blow your mind!

Guest Blogger Harold Camaya

Harold Camaya has been closely studying wine industry trends for quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, he takes interest in penning down his views providing quality insight on current wines and different liquor trends, particularly whiskey & wine.


Whiskey, with its richness and mild fermented aroma, is an essential element in a plethora of cocktail options, be it for easy drinking or something hard hitting! Prime whiskey in a cocktail adds a benign element to it, similar to mellow the bite of the cocktail.

There are a variety of cocktails with whiskey as their main ingredient, that appeal to the taste buds of beginners and cocktail connoisseurs alike. There is a fair amount of creativity involved in making a delicious cocktail. Innovation is a must, along with understanding what flavours clash with each other and identifying the ones that complement each other.

Some of the ones that are a must have for anyone seeking an experience in cocktail consumption are:-




A cocktail blending whiskey and tequila, its preparation involves mixing tequila, whiskey, lime juice, ginger beer and simple syrup. For perfection and finesse in taste, shaking and straining never goes amiss with this cocktail. The garnishing is complete with a slice of lemon, adding a quaint appearance.

This cocktail offers a classic mix of two individually strong flavours in tequila and whiskey, complementing each other perfectly. Tequila adds the zest to the cocktail, whereas whiskey mellows the aftertaste down. The lime juice, syrup and ginger beer provide a complete taste which touches all regions of our taste buds. A flavourful experience!




This is the new eye catcher on the market. People are growing increasingly fond of the Maple Whiskey Mojito which is a cocktail involving Mojito and whiskey in delicate proportions along with heavy garnishing. What must be ensured is the strength of the maple flavour in whiskey, which stands out in this recipe.

The mixers involve Club soda, lime and mints, which are characteristic to Mojitos. However, with the addition of Maple whiskey to the brew, there is a pleasant clash of sweetness and richness of the whiskey, with the refreshing breeze that the mint and lime of Mojitos bring. When the proportions are balanced perfectly, this cocktail is a treat for the palette.




Bourbon and Vermouth. This famous combination comprises a legendary cocktail formed in a Manhattan club back in the early 20th century. Bourbon whiskey along with sweet vermouth, orange and Angostura bitters form the composition of this mix, along with cherries as the garnish, best served in a coupe.

As far as taste goes, this cocktail offers its own signature. One knows a Manhattan when they taste one. The Bourbon Whiskey and the sweet vermouth make a rich mix that is sweet and sticky, and the bitters provide a worthy complement. The cherries add a bit of fruity lunch to the cocktail and forms the evergreen taste of the Manhattan.




How can Whiskey Sour not be mentioned here! The tradition is maintained with this cocktail, which involves American whiskey, lemon juice, simple syrup, cherries and lime. Simple is the trick with this, as it brings out the best in each ingredient involved. There is a reason this classic cocktail has retained its value in the eyes of whiskey lovers to date.

It is characterised by its signature sweet and sour taste and its On-The-Rocks serving manner. It tastes better when shaken well, and the cherry and lime garnish make sure the taste is well rounded, and live up to its sweet and sour taste reputation.




A trendy alternative to signature Pina Colada, one can use Bourbon Whiskey as the main ingredient in their Pina Colada if you want some more oomph in their drink. It involves Whiskey, coconut liqueur, pineapple juice and whipped cream. The ingredients are constant except for the whiskey which replaces rum, and they are shaken together to blend into one flavour.

Whiskey provides a sweetness that rum cannot provide in the mix, as it makes for a sweet and fun taste on the palate, combining beautifully with the coconut liqueur and the pineapple juice, together forming an excellent party alternative to signature Pina Colada.




This is a simple yet powerful cocktail, which is a direct change up from the signature Screwdriver, that involves vodka. Adding whiskey instead of vodka changes the dynamic of the cocktail completely, yet maintains or even improves the taste balance of the brew.

Whiskey and orange juice are the only requirements, yet they complement each other as the sweetness and the fermented taste of Whiskey is given a punch and some fun with the playfulness and zest of orange juice. An energizing and refreshing cocktail, this one is an unusual one, and is sure to rise in popularity with the people who love innovating just that little bit more!





This cocktail deserves a special mention for the sheer innovation and the heartwarming taste it brings. Consumed while steaming hot, it is a cocktail that involves rich whiskey, honey, cloves, cinnamon, lemon squeeze and nutmeg, brewed in boiling water. This brew is one for colder climes and is a popular choice due to its signature sweet and spicy taste.

The richness of this concoction is emphasised by the mix of spices in the mixture. The whiskey brings out the best of these spices and the sweetness of honey binds these flavours together. It is a delightful experience to have this as an exclusive health drink as it warms up your inside and lightens your mind.


Bravery is key when it comes to cocktailing, and whiskey can be a compliment as well as a supplement for other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages which go into the mix for a cocktail recipe. However, when the mix is right, the bravery pays off and the outcome is a delicious brew for us to enjoy. Such is the beauty of cocktails!


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